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Jumping on the meme bandwagon

So there's this meme, originally from Facebook, where you list 25 facts about yourself, then tag 25 other people to make lists of their own. Theoretically Dar tagged me, but I actually saw Lauren's post first. Whatever, here's my list.

1. I am the 2004 Hawaii State Champion Vegetable Grader.

2. I am a registered soccer referee.

3. I am a 22-year-old virgin.

4. I used to be Catholic. (My Dad's half of the family still thinks I am.)

5. I am 1/16 Cuban, a fact that contributed to my receiving a Diversity Scholarship at my college, despite the fact that I am the whitest white girl ever.

6. I get my Cuban from my great-great-grandmother, whose full name is Maria Josefa de Los Dolores Andrea Rosa de Jesus Ponce de Leon y Ruiz de Gill. I think her name is the coolest name ever. I memorized it years ago and will reel it off at people given the slightest provocation. Like I just did, right now.

7. Zolac no Miko originated from a humorous article in Outside magazine from when I was 15, the original clipping of which I still have in my immediate possession. The article mentioned "Zolac, the God of Dead Eco-tourists", among other Tenets of the Faith. For whatever reason I drew a doodle of Zolac, built a religion around him, and named myself "High-Priestess of Zolac". This became "Zolac no Miko" after Gina got me addicted to Fushigi Yugi (my gateway anime). Zolac no Miko's first use online was my account, which still exists. It also spawned the creation of the nation of Hostilistan with Jen and Cory as an 11th-grade English project, and a two-part, double novel-length multifandom fanfic epic revolving around a self-insert Mary Sue, which thankfully never got written, but still exists in my head. The name has become my universal internet identity everywhere, mostly because it's so Zolac-damned unique. And while I find my high school shenanigans silly, I obviously haven't entirely grown out of them.

8. I have never had any piercings or tattoos, I have never dyed my hair, and I haven't even cut my hair since I was in pre-school, except to trim off the split ends a couple of times a year.

9. I decided to grow my hair out in pre-school because my favorite teacher had long hair.

10. In middle school I went through this phase where I wanted to be a hippie. I wore flared jeans and obtained a lava lamp and candles shaped like VW Beetles and mushrooms. I decided I was a hippie in a past life, but died early... drug overdose?

11. I have never consumed any illegal drugs, and do not plan to. I dislike drugs in general, and won't take even an allergy pill unless absolutely necessary. The idea of intentionally inhaling smoke directly into my lungs is extremely abhorrent to me. I am extremely wary of addiction, even to something like caffeine, and have placed strict limits on my caffeine intake.

12. In middle school I also made a number of decisions about the type of person I was, in relation to other life forms, inanimate objects, etc. For instance, I am water, a wolf, a tangerine, a gardenia, and the color of my soul is purple. I had reasons for all of these things. I can kind of remember most of them.

13. When I was 13 I drew my purple soul with colored pencils at Dar's house. It also contained streaks of pale blue and hot pink. I hung it on my wall, but eventually threw it out when it became too faded from the sunlight.

14. In the hours before drawing my soul, Dar and I went on a walk in the rain. We climbed through a barbed wire fence and skipped merrily through a cow pasture. I made a crown of grass for my head. On the way back we stopped cars and asked the drivers if they knew the way to Woodstock. ...I do believe I mentioned my hippie phase?

15. In elementary school, I didn't get what the big deal was with having a favorite color, so I picked a color at random every year. When I was 7, the color was black. At some point I picked red and yellow, my school colors, and I kept those for several years.

16. My favorite color is blue. I figured this out in middle school, when I noticed how much blue clothing I owned.

17. I am afraid of almost nothing, but I have an extreme dislike of electric shocks, things happening to people's eyes, shards of glass getting stuck in people's skin, and centipedes.

18. I am a 1st-degree black belt in taekwon-do. Which means I can kill you with my finger, and kick you in the head even if you're 6 feet tall. ...I am very humble, because I'm still learning.

19. Irony, sarcasm, and dark humor are deeply ingrained in me.

20. I am a Lindy-hopper, and think swing dancing is superior to every other form of dance. My favorite dance partner is my mother.

21. I will sing out loud whenever possible, and will invariably dance as well if there's a beat.

22. I hold long conversations with myself and real or fictional people in my head, quite often out loud, quite often in public.

23. I am very adept at climbing trees, and take it as a personal insult if someone suggests I might fall out of one.

24. I enjoy books a great deal. I frequently read while walking, eating, brushing my teeth, or using the toilet. I remember when I was little I used to get carsick if I read in a moving vehicle, but I stubbornly refused to give up valuable reading time, and trained myself out of it.

25. When I was in high school, I decided that Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. was the only person in the world who could truly understand me, if only we could meet. I'll never know if I was right, since he's dead now. So it goes.

So I don't even have 25 friends on Livejournal, and Dar and Lauren (mostly Dar) already tagged a good number of them. So... b_c_draygon, platoapproved, boko, corvus_luna, cosmogonic, hiryuu, magusronin, mosrael, potatoe1988, regonym, selkith, sirona_gs, and slob_child- TAG!
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