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Stuff and Things

Halloween weekend was nice, it involved Hell's Belles and corn mazes and Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy and Harper's Island and Lauren and a kestrel and carving pumpkins and Halloween candy and trick-or-treaters and delicious roommate food. I'll provide pics of my costume and our jack o'lanterns when I have time... which will probably be next week, at this rate.

My mom's visiting, so shit is bananas. But we got my bike all fixed up and she took us to dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish, and tonight we had dinner with Harry Lee Kwai (one of Kink's hanai sons) and his wife, who live in Canby. Mom and I will be spending the weekend with them, going up to Timberline and other things.

...So. Last night just before sleep I read Satin and Split Lips, a Dick/Jay fic involving Dick having to dress in drag. In a blue satin dress. For a mission, of course. Clearly it infected my subconscious, because this morning I was dreaming and my dreams went in the direction of crossdressing, and my brain helpfully supplied Dick Grayson in a blue satin dress, hurriedly fixing his makeup. For some reason one of the other people around (there was no Jason, woe) was trying to get him to put on a different blue satin dress underneath, "for dancing", and Dick starting throwing a hissy about, "Do you want this dress to make me look fat?!" and I started laughing and then I woke up and I laughed some more. ...And a good thing, too, because I'd overslept by twenty-five minutes and if I hadn't had this dream and laughed myself awake I would've been late to work, probably. So... thanks, Subconscious, and thanks, merelymine!

And, in case you haven't had enough Batfamily-related ridiculousness, watch this amazing clip from Batman: The Brave and The Bold (a show I need to actually watch sometime, gdammit).

Surprisingly, pink kryptonite was not involved. ...icon_uk, you find all the best stuff.
Tags: batfamily, batman, dick grayson, dream, family, fanfic, fear the wild jungle of my brain, halloween, holiday, i love my mom, living in the land of port, lulz, wtf, youtube
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