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This is totally worth the loss of several days' pay.

I'm in Honolulu again. It's a beautiful, warm, sunny day; the sky is the bluest of blues short of TARDIS blue, broken only by a handful of tiny, fluffy white clouds. I'm in the shade of a kukui tree, sitting on a park bench next to a bridge, between a Chinese garden and a Polynesian style tropical botanical garden. I can hear the splashing of a fountain.

The fact that I can also hear airplane engines does not in any way diminish my enjoyment of this moment.

I know I promised a bigger update with pictures, but I've been too busy enjoying Hawaii and spending time with family (and reading Batman comics)... and right now all I've got is my phone, upon which writing an epic post would be a pain. And there wouldn't be pictures. Maybe tomorrow?

I just wanted to make a quick post to make you all jealous. >:D Don't be too jealous, though... in a matter of hours I'll be on a plane to slightly chilly California. Sad day. But I'll get to see platoapproved, so it's all good. ^_^

Hope y'all are having a lovely Tuesday (or Wednesday, if you're all Australian like that), even if it's not as lovely as mine. <3
Tags: hawaii, home, i love my awesome life
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