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I am a complete and utter moron or maybe it's just Monday, and a love letter disguised as advice.

So this morning on the bus I became so enthralled reading a gyzym Inception fic that I completely missed my stop, like, by A LOT, and ended up being half an hour late for work. Fml.

...Good fic, though.

Also, I would like to take this moment to do you all a favor and give you some helpful advice. I was going to save this for a general meme/spazzflail/spam post, but seeing as I haven't had time to do a proper O HAI THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO THESE LAST WEEKS post, I think it might be a while. And I really just can't help myself.

My helpful, friendly advice is this: watch Luther.

This BBC mini-series is, imo, the best-written show to come out in 2010. And I'm inncluding Sherlock in my estimation, here. Somehow, though, Luther has managed to fly completely under the radar. Which is a TRAGEDY.

So here's the haps. It's a cop show that sort of defies the cop show formula, in a way that is hard to describe without giving you spoilers that you really don't want. But I think that, aside from the sheer sparkling quality of the writing, the show benefits from being a mini-series in the traditional style of the BBC: full hour length episodes, and only six of them. This allows the show to go from awesome to CRAZY ohmigod idek SHIT GOT REAL in only five episodes.

But don't take my word for it. platoapproved, look_alive,
regonym, and my friend Chris love it, too. Basically, everyone I know who's
seen it fell madly and instantly in love with it... except for shichahn. I'm not judging you bb, but to be perfectly honest I'm baffled. The only thing I can think of
is it's not science-fiction, and it doesn't have David Tennant in it. Both of which are valid reasons.

It's true Luther contains no science-fiction whatsoever, but it does use black holes and dark matter as metaphors for psychosis. And it may not have David Tennant, but it does have Paul McGann for your Doctory pleasure. And John Luther is kinda like Batman if he was a cop, and also a tall black man with a South London accent (actual Britons on my Flist, correct me if I'm wrong here) who is less successful in controlling his anger issues. And Alice Morgan is SO FREAKING AWESOME she is awesome enough to be my only female LJ icon (unless you count the TARDIS). And really all the characters are brilliant, and the acting is brilliant, and the soundtrack is brilliant, and the writing is so brilliant I could really just sit around and watch the characters talk to each other all day and nevermind the plot, but the plot happens and it's like HOLY SHIT AHHHHHHHHHHH and basically it's just all-around amazing. So watch Luther.

You're welcome.
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