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So Sylar goes looking for his Dad, and he walks into the watchmaker's shop and I hear:

"...I don't want to set the world on fire~...."

And I'm like HELL YES. So appropriate. Best song to be randomly playing on a record player when Sylar walks into the room EVER. Sylar, widespread nuclear devastation... these things are related.

In other news, it's obvious that the rest of this season of Heroes is going to take place on the Lost island. ...BEST CROSSOVER EVER. Mostly because the Heroes cast would totally kick the Lost cast's collective asses. With the possible exception of Said. And Locke. And Eko. Everyone else would DIE.

...Are those characters even still in the show? It's been, like, two years since I've watched any Lost.
Tags: fallout 3, heroes, lost
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