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Best taekwon-do practice EVER

So it turns out Mister Brown, Don, Nan, and I are all gigantic Beowulf geeks, so we spent the entire practice talking about Beowulf. To the dismay of Todd, who was like, "...So about that Superbowl!" Becca, you would've loved it. ...Aaaaaaand Mister Brown wants to see my Beowulf movie now, so I've promised to bring the DVD in to class. *facepalm* Dear god that thing gets around.

After practice Mister Brown told us stories about why his parents thought he was gay when he was a teenager. I just about busted a gut laughing. And now I'm SO HUNGRY OMG, it's soooo time for second breakfast.
Tags: beowulf, taekwon-do
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