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Astronomical events and enjoying crap television.

This morning while sprinting through the icy blackness to the Transit Center I saw THE COOLEST METEOR OMG. It fell slow toward the south, leaving a long trail behind it. It was green. It looked like an alien spaceship. Or maybe an alien missile on course to destroy Salem. No big loss oh snap I went there. My precise reaction was this: "Whoooaaaahh, Jesus Christ!! 8O"

...It was pretty.

In other news, I have become mildly addicted, entirely against my will, to the Hawaii Five-0 remake. FML. I BLAME YOU, sirona_gs!! And a few other people on my Flist. BUT MOSTLY YOU.

It's such crap, it really is guys, but it's so god-damned entertaining. It's like, 50% facepalm, 50% gleefully hysterical giggling. I think probably the majority of my enjoyment stems from a Pavlovian response to the theme music; viewing of the show inevitably results in my playing the music on endless repeat while boogieing around my kitchen/desk/mother's carport. Regardless, I like watching it, and I kind of hate myself.
Tags: fml, h50, living in the land of port, television
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