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Fic Masterlist

Because all the cool kids are doing it.

I write. It's fun. This is a complete collection of Angela's Fan and Original Fiction: The Livejournal Years. Works are organized alphabetically by fandom (with Original at the bottom), then chronologically in the order I wrote them.

All fanfiction works on this list are also available at Archive of Our Own.

(If you're looking for hilarity, my older fanfiction in the fandoms of Fushigi Yuugi, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Yu-Gi-Oh are on my very ancient FanFiction.Net account.)

Transformative Works Policy: Dude, if anyone would ever actually like to create fanart, podfic, translations, other fanfic written in a universe I've created, or any other type of fanwork based on my work, FREAKING GO FOR IT. Just please: a) let me know, so I can LOVE YOU, and b) credit me wherever it's posted, thanks; it's, you know, polite and morally sound, etc.

DC Multiverse (Batfamily)

Reconciliation, (Teen Titans animated series), Robin [Dick Grayson] (gen), K+
Robin's deviant behavior attracts some attention.

Live Without, (Teen Titans animated series expanded universe), Robin [Dick Grayson], ensemble (gen/background canon relationships), T
Multichapter WIP; link is to chapter masterlist. The unthinkable has happened. Dick must learn to live without.

I'll Be Yours (A Love Story), (comics!verse AU), one-sided Tim/Dick, M
Multichapter WIP; link is to chapter masterlist. Tim Drake loves Dick Grayson more than anyone or anything else in the world. When Dick meets Tim, he will love Tim, too, and he will be Tim's forever.

I Would Keep Myself, (comics!verse), Bruce Wayne (gen), T
In the end, Bruce is the last one remaining. But time and loss have taken their toll, and there's not much of him left, either.

Do You Know How Many Times, (comics!verse), Tim/Kon, T
Kon-El is dead. Tim is having issues with this.

Best Laid Plans, (comics!verse), Bruce/Dick, past Bruce/Clark, T
Bruce goes to Blüdhaven to surprise Dick. Things don't go exactly as planned.

Too Much Red, Bruce and Clark (could be slash or gen), K+
For the prompt: "Superman is seriously (not mortally) injured in a battle. Batman is trying very hard not to freak out about it (and failing)."

Important Scientific Contributions, Bruce, Damian, Stephanie, Jason, Tim, and Dick (gen), K
“What,” Bruce said. And, “How.” (a.k.a. Bruce you left the Batkids unsupervised for like five minutes, what did you think was going to happen?)

DC Multiverse (Other)

Go Forth and Tell the Story, Orin (gen), K
Movieverse; backstory for Jason Momoa!Aquaman. He inoa no Orin. This is the story of Atlantis' greatest king.

Hawaii Five-0

Assisting Arrest, Danny (gen), K
Little Danny and Matty Williams visit the Oregon Zoo.

‘A‘ole Maopopo, Grace (gen), K
She doesn't understand.

Louder Than Words, Steve and Danny (could be slash or gen), K+
At some point Danny must have changed his mind...

Pō Pouli ‘A‘aki (A Night So Dark It Bites With the Teeth), Steve/Danny, MA
A string of mysterious deaths lead Steve and Danny to the remote forests of the Big Island; the case becomes a fight for survival when they encounter dangers they never expected.

Mana‘o, Danny (gen), T
Okay so let me get this straight, you do believe in psychics but you don't believe in ghosts, said Kono, much later.

Kō‘eha‘eha i ka lā, wela i ka pō, Steve/Danny, T
“That's great,” Danny replied, “I'm deeply impressed by the architectural wisdom of your ancestors, only it's still too freaking hot in here.”

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Worst Fear, Pepper/Tony, K+
A near miss; a missed call.

Hold On To The Good Stuff (And Let Go), Steve and Tony (could be pre-slash or gen), K+
Steve was still unsure about where and how he fit into history, didn't know how to walk in 2012 with one foot still firmly planted in 1944.

All the Things Forgotten Scream for Help, Bucky/Natasha, Steve/Bucky, T
In the dream, the Soldier knows this man; he's known him his whole life. He knows that he loves this man more than anyone else in the entire world. He also knows that this man is the one who kills him. ...The dream is the same every time. In the end, the Soldier falls, and he dies.

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, Peggy and Howard (gen, almost-but-not-quite-slash), K+
Just that night, with the smell of Scotch and leather in the air and Howard before her, shirt falling open at the throat and hair a bit mussed, Peggy stopped a moment and considered. (Or, that time Peggy and Howard almost got together, but didn't.)

Hey, it's really nice in here, Steve/Sam, T
They had set out to look for Bucky, but mostly what they found was underground Hydra outposts. Sometimes literally underground. Mostly what they also found was trouble.

Don't Bother Me, Steve and Sam and Bucky (gen), T
“It doesn't feel solid yet, you know? Like any day now something could happen, he'll just slip away like smoke.” (Or, a ficlet about Steve getting used to life with Bucky that is much less serious than the summary suggests.)

Raise a Glass to Turnings of the Season, Steve and Bucky (gen or slash), K
James sits on the back porch with a book in his hand, but he's watching Steve. His blond hair has gone a little silver at the temples, and there are wrinkles at the corners of his eyes from decades of smiles—and how impossible is that, that after everything, Steve's managed to spend enough time smiling to leave the mark of it on his face—but he's still unreasonably handsome, and doesn't look anywhere near as old as he is, no matter which way you count the years.

Patterns In Nature, Steve/Bucky, T
There's still a tie between them, a pull that Steve can just barely feel, has felt since he shaped his bruised jaw and split lips around the words I'm with you until the end of the line and watched the Winter Soldier's eyes go round with something not exactly like recognition and more than a little bit like horror.

~TASTE THE RAINBOW~, Steve and Peggy (gen/canon pre-slash), K
The serum changed Steve Rogers in many ways, and not all of the changes were instantaneous.

Time and again I've longed for, Steve/Bucky, T
Steve wants to give Bucky one perfect day (or several) and orchestrates a surprise trip.


Note: Older Metanoia fics written under a previous journal.

Samhain: Before the Battle of Magh Tuiredh, Star/Zan, T
The Dagda and the Morrígan meet at the river Unius.

The Night Before Christmas (Metanoia-style), (poem) Star/Zan, T
A Star and an angel have an argument.

Bad Day, Kevin (gen), T
Kevin Sobiezki has a really bad day. And then he gets kidnapped.

Turning Point, Star/Jaime, Star/Zan, T
Star hates winter.

Warmth, Star/Zan, T
Sequel to "Turning Point". Star and Zan come in out of the cold.

Crystal Perfect Love, Zan/Awful Mary Sue, unrequited Star/Awful Mary Sue, M
This is my winning entry in the "Make Metanoia SUCK!" contest. The Foundation's Riverside Branch gains a new member.

Wish, Star/Zan, T
It was one of those nights. Everything felt right, and Zander could feel by the energy from the other dancers that they were having a good night, too.

Fucked, Star/Zan, Star/OC, M
This wasn't going well. For starters, he wasn't drunk enough.

Something Niceish, Star/Zan, one-sided Kevin/Zan, T
Happy Birthday, fruitcake.

Snap, Star/Lexi, M
Don't let anyone tell you Lexi Ivanov doesn't have a good sense of humor.

Star's Pants, Star/Zan, T
Sequel to "Snap". Why yes, these are Star's pants.

Hate You, Star and Zan (gen), M
“What the hell were you thinking?!” Zander’s eyes snapped with furious outrage.

Come on. Admit it. It's kind of awesome. (comment fic), Star and Lexi (gen), T
Firefly crossover, written for a drabble prompt party. It was madness, utter chaos. The sound of gunfire mixed with the sound of alarmed shouts and the bloodcurdling yells and screams of the mutilated not-quite-men.

Skerry's Monster, Zan/Kevin, Zan/Star, M
That Frankenstein fic; my second-place entry in the Halloween "Classic Horror" contest. I knew, at that moment, that it was possible to create, not simply a mere object, but life itself. And with that knowledge, I became determined. I would create a man.

Dear Kevin’s Sooooo Not-A-Diary, Kevin/Star, Star/Zan, MA
Everything would be so much less complicated if Star was as much of a jerkface as he used to be.

Drabbles for Jesse, untitled shorts and drabbles centered around Star and Zan.
1. Star and Zan (gen), T - So stupid. What was the point? What was the fucking point?
2. Star and Zan, (gen), T - Star and Zan aren't sure if they've ever run away from home.
3. Star/Zan, T - Star knows how to fix a sink.
4. Star and Zan (gen), K+ - The cavalry won't get here in time.

Drabbles for Neve, untitled drabbles.
1. Star/Zan, T - The awful edges where you end and I begin.
2. Lexi/Emily, K - Emily wasn’t quite sure what she thought about Lexi.

Chapter 8: An AU, (comment fic), Star, Zan, and Z (gen), K+
What does Star do with all his money?

Song Drabbles, a collection of ficlets written in the length of a song.
"Check Yes, Juliet", Kevin/Zan, K - Kevin sat at the bar, nervously fiddling with the straw in his drink.
"Love to a Monster", Alan/Milo, T - He could sense that Milo was dangerous.
"Lights On", Star/Zan, T - Zan woke up with a hard-on and a headache, covered in sweat.
"Killian's Red", Lexi (gen), K - It was just a grungy Russian bar surrounded by dirty snow.
"Sentimental Heart", Emily (gen), K - She could feel certain things with sharp clarity.
"The Employment Pages", Star and Jaime (gen), K - Looking at the want ads.
"Perfect Vision", Gina (gen), T - Sometimes Gina wished she couldn’t see the things she did.
"I've Had It", Star (gen), K - The air was like soup, and the storm clouds loomed on the horizon.
"See Fernando", Star and River (gen), K - Somewhere underneath it all I was aware I was dreaming.
"Say It Right", Star/Kevin, T - It can't be more than this.
"Cheat On Your New Lover With Me", Star/Milo, Star/Alan, K - Not bad looking, for a geek.
"Paper Gangsta", Star and Zan (gen), T - Music blasted from a stereo.


Three Sentence Ficathon 2013-2014, Marvel/MCU/Agents of SHIELD, DCU, White Collar, Firefly, Doctor Who, T
A multi-fandom collection of three-sentence fics in response to community prompts, written for caramelsilver's Three Sentence Ficathon.

Original Fiction

Word Games, a collection of ficlets written in the length of a song; original, but my inspiration may be indecently exposed in a few of them.
"Heartless", T - For the first time I began to feel regret.
"Spitting Venom", K+ - “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she spat. Blonde bombshell. Perfect face, perfect life.
"A Man/Me/Then Jim", T - As I tossed back the remains of my brew Gin plopped another tankard down in front of me. I raised an eyebrow at him.
"Confusion Boats", K - I was standing in a world of sky.
"Entering Booty Town", K - I tried not to look as panicked as I felt. She noticed anyway, and laughed at me.
"Back To The Life", T - His feet jerked as he danced on the end of the rope like a marionette in a palsied hand.
"It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry", K+ - I reached for the broadcast button, hesitated for a breath, pressed down. “…Can you hear me?”
"Love Gone Cold", T - Old Spice and a day's unshaven bristle.
"You! Me! Dancing!", T - “Sooooo, what did you find out?” she asked me. Her breath was hot against my ear.
"Haligh! Haligh! A lie! Haligh!", K - When we heard her voice, he was smiling at me, that clever, confident, playful smirk he has.

The Umbrella Man, T
Multichapter WIP. The one about Portland's very own masked vigilante crimefighter.
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