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What's that? Is your life lacking in spam? I can help!

HEY. HEY. SO WHO'S GOING TO THE EMERALD CITY COMIC CON? Besides me and magusronin, that is.


First off, do yourselves all a favor and watch this video. If Patrick Stump's beautiful voice and beautiful face do not already fill your heart with joy, this video ought to. It is full of happy song and happy people doing REALLY AWESOME happy things, and there is a happy dog and Patrick is happy too. And adorable. WARNING: WATCHING THIS VIDEO MAY MAKE YOU HAPPY.

And then there's this.

This was fowarded to me by platoapproved, who is a top contender for Coolest Person in the World. She keeps sending me the most amazing Batspam, because she loves me, and I keep meaning to share it with you, but I keep getting distracted by Things. My Gmail inbox is crammed full with stuff like this.

This was totally Dick's idea, although I'm sure Kon and Steph were all over it as soon a he suggested it. And nice of him to include Kon. Tim is clearly just barely putting up with this nonsense (but he really can't say no if Dick bats his eyelashes, can he?). I have no idea how they convinced Damian and Alfred to participate... perhaps they've been drugged? ...Bruce Wayne is very noticeably missing from ths party. I'm sure some dire, horrible emergency called him away to the far side of the world at the very last minute.
Tags: batfamily, batman, batspam, lolwhut?, lulz, music, patrick stump, picspam, spam, youtube
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