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Report from my mother

"Not as much damage as there could have been. I'm okay in Hilo, haven't heard from anyone else but if Tony stayed in his penthouse we're likely all just fine.

My office is in an inundation zone, and we're still on a Watch so I couldn't get there even if I wanted to because the area is evacuated and roadblocks are in place. County offices are closed, schools are closed, and my boss just told me that there's no work for me today.

3' waves on Kauai, a foot or so in Pearl Harbor, 7' in Kahului Harbor (flooded about a block inland), Kona got damaged, no word on Hilo yet. Apparently Kealakekua Bay had a surge that went in 100'. Flooding in Lahaina, Kihei...I'm listening to the radio now.

No deaths or injuries here. Japan...that's another matter.

Lots of debris on Maui coasts, no reports of property damage.

As of 7:09 this a.m., there is no all-clear yet."

EDIT: More from my mother: "Still zero word on anything here in Hilo; Kona Coast seems pretty messed up, though, and I hear a restaurant in Honolulu (Sand Island area) is destroyed.

Water as high as 11 feet in Kona, reached "the lobby of a hotel" per NPR.

The earthquake I felt last night while checking my facebook pages is apparently M4.6... A few of my FB friends felt it, too. I was told it was off the Kalapana coast."
[Hawaii's earthquake last night was unrelated to the one in Japan.]

And later: "No damage reported on Kauai. Extensive damage at Keehi Small Boat Harbor on Oahu. Wave was 4.5 feet in Hilo, no reports of damage."

And: "Surge in Kahului harbor went in 1/3 mile.

11' surge in Kailua-Kona. King Kam hotel lobby got flooded. Canoes damaged. Sections of Alii Drive are gone. Repeated surges over the 8' seawall. NPR airing a call from my friend Jan War who works at the Natural Energy Lab near Keahole Airport; the lab is okay.

Honolulu Airport is open, but apparently a number of big planes heading here (including from Japan) turned around.

I think it's kinda weird there's zero word about Hilo Bay!"

I am also stalking the Honolulu Star-Advertiser website. Waves in Kahului reached up to 12 feet. Waves caused relatively minor but widespread damage in Kailua-Kona: a foot of water in the King Kam lobby; water entered Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and several other businesses fronting Kailua Bay. At least $500,000 of damage at La Mariana Sailing Club in Ke'ehi Lagoon; three docks were destroyed and some boats sank. The "all clear" has been issued for O'ahu and Kaua'i; my dad says the tsunami warning has been downgraded from a warning to an advisory.

Listening to NPR: the U.S. is rushing coolant to the damaged nuclear power plant in Japan and is promising to help with disaster clean-up. Japanese authorities are considering releasing a cloud of slightly radioactive steam to relieve pressure in the plant. So far high waves but no damage on the Oregon coast. We were really lucky; the tsunami hit as the tide was going out, otherwise it might have been worse. The highest West Coast waves so far were 8.1 feet in Santa Cruz, California; caused some damage and sank some boats. Four people in Crescent City, California were swept out to sea; one of them died.
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