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Tsunami media spam post

The aftershocks of the earthquake are still shaking Japan at magnitudes of up to 6.3. The Japanese government estimates at least 1000 casualties; 500 people are still unaccounted for. California towns are still experiencing surges; docks have been destroyed, boats are sinking or floating loose and floating out to sea or running into things, causing more damage. In northern Mexico they are experiencing high waves, but no damage thus far.

Footage of the tsunami approaching the Japanese coast and sweeping inland:

Footage of the tsunami flooding Sendai Airport:

Footage of waves spilling over the sea wall into Kailua-Kona and flooding streets and shops, taken by an idiot with a deathwish:

Time lapse footage of the water level in Kailua Bay surging up and down and spilling over the sea wall:

Ali'i Drive tsunami damage:

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