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Happy April Fool's Day, fools!

So, LJ, there's a lot of news to catch up on. regonym arrived yesterday with her pet velociraptor Betsy in tow. She's a sweet, friendly thing, although look_alive may never forgive her after she ate our cat. regonym, I mean, not Betsy.

Also I'm pregnant. Also I found a million dollars on the sidewalk. Also there's a strange tingly sensation in my extremities (I knew I shouldn't have taunted Happy Fun Ball, that shit is toxic). The superpowers I've developed overnight are a mixed blessing... on the plus side, I can fly! On the minus side, I haven't figured out how to stop flying yet, and there's a huge smoking hole in my ceiling from the energy blast I apparently released from my hands while I was sleeping.

Good thing I found that million dollars. (I also found a Dalek. True story.)

...Okay, seriously, check out Google's usual prank, Gmail Motion (under the search bar on Google's main page), and YouTube 1911 (1911 Viral Videos under Spotlight on YouTube's main page). Lawl.

Tags: april fools, concert, holiday, my chemical romance
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