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Bad dream

Omg I just had the most horrible nightmare about a tornado. ;_; It was coming straight for the apartment, I could see it out my window, and Dar and Lisa and I were scrambling to grab all our important stuff and survival stuff and flammable stuff and shove it all into the car and GTFO of there as fast as we could, and Dar and Lisa took a load of stuff to the car while I was grabbing more stuff, and they didn't come back for a while, and I could see the tornado getting closer, and it was still headed straight for us, and I was eyeing the coat closet and considering hiding in there, and then I could hear Dar knocking on the doors of our neighbors' apartments, trying to warn them to get out, and this little girl was home alone and the door was locked and she was scared and wouldn't come out and Dar was crying and apologizing to her, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we have to leave you here, we have to go," and I yelled at her to help me carry the rest of the stuff, and we grabbed the stuff and were hauling it out the door and the tornado was almost here and MY ROOM BURST INTO FLAMES, and we locked the door behind us and ran down the stairs but the tornado was here and it was windy and we dropped all our stuff and I lost my slipper and we decided it was too late to run, too late to get to the car, so we ran back up the stairs to take shelter, but we couldn't go back in the apartment because IT WAS ON FIRE, so we huddled down together on the landing, and I was like "Where's Lisa?!" and Dar's like "I DON'T KNOW!! I DON'T KNOW!!" and then the tornado hit and it was so loud and I was trying to cover my ears with my hands and at the same time hold on to Dar and I could feel my ears popping with the pressure and it just kept getting louder and louder and LOUDER and Dar was screaming "WE'RE DEAD, WE'RE DEAD, WE'RE ALREADY DEAD!!" and I knew we were going to die, any second now the tornado was going to rip the building in half, and then I shook myself awake.

IT WAS HORRIBLE. ...Wtf, brain?!

...Happy Valentine's Day guys? D:
Tags: dream, scary
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