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Seriously, I'm not getting any older, this nonsense stops here.


Ayep, it's that time again... everyone's favorite holiday, National Angela Day! WHOO!! How will you celebrate? Champagne? Bonfires? Break-dance competition?

So I've hit the quarter-century mark, holy shit. I can do anything now! I can... rent a car! On top of voting, buying booze, all of that, I am basically set with everything I need. So... this is it, guys. I'm not getting any older. I am staying 25 forever.

Also, Happy Birthday to one of the BAMFest BAMFs who ever did BAMF: ALFRED MOTHERFUCKING PENNYWORTH! I found out a few weeks ago that he was born on April 8. Somehow I did not know this before. Somehow I did not realize that I shared my date of birth with the only person on the motherfucking planet who might actually be cooler than Batman. How have I lived? Man, from now on, me and Alfie are partying together EVERY YEAR, okay?

To celebrate the fact that Alfred is a BAMF having a birthday, I bring you these panels from Streets of Gotham #17:

Kindly ignore that scroll bar on the right there. Haha, Photoshop, what is that? XD

In other news, Dar and I are watching the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy. ...SO AWKWARD. MAKE IT STOP. DDDD:
Tags: alfred pennyworth, batman, birthday, comics, grey's anatomy, music, picspam, television, wtf, youtube
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