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I should maybe not read fanfic just before I pass out? ...*snort* Yeahright.

Ohmigod, fandom dreams. I'll try to get down as much of it as I can... a lot of the details are vague or have gone away entirely.

Okay, so. Chin Ho Kelly. He goes to visit Kono at her home. (She's converted the area under the bleachers of some sports stadium into this fancy house. *shrug*) And Kono and Chin have this... thing going on between them. A slashy thing. Sort of. They've not done anything yet, but they're both interested, and they both know it. (I don't ship this at all, okay, not even remotely, this is entirely the fault of reading a bit of "Set Fire to This Card House" just before passing out.) So Chin's happy to see her, and Kono's happy to see him, and they smile at each other, and she leaves the... door? Front gate? Thinger at the entrance that is made of glass... open, and she turns and runs through the first... room? Garden? I don't think there was a roof. I vaguely remember fountains. Anyway, she runs, and he chases her, and she turns the corner to the left and disappears, and when he rounds the corner we're in another... garden, lots of water and, I think, papyrus and stuff, and she's rounding the corner to the left and disappearing again, and he's still chasing after her. And Kono runs into this blonde girl who is in her house, this blonde girl that Kono slept with last night. (I don't know who she is, I remember recognizing her in my dream, but I can't remember anything about her, and I think it's likely my brain just made that up.) Blonde girl steps up to Kono and kisses her passionately, and Chin rounds the corner and sees this. And he is very upset. And Kono is very upset. And Chin leaves.

...Later there is something about a train through the deserts of Arizona and football and the rest of the team (I distinctly remember Steve, at least) and my dad... I don't remember what that was all about.

And then I am with my extended family and we're celebrating my birthday and Neal Caffrey is there. Or maybe it's Matthew Bomer. (And for this I blame gyzym and "Certain Things in the Real World".) Anyway, he is celebrating with us because in my dream his birthday is April 10. And there are presents and we are eating dinner, and things are kind of awkward between me and Neal/Matt because I am crushing on him and I think he can tell, but I'm trying to be cool about it. And then later we are having a dance party in my bedroom in Hilo (??? There are better places in the house to dance) and my mom and I are trying to teach Neal/Matt how to swing dance by way of demonstration, but the music is very slow so we end up doing blues dancing. And my mom leads, and then I lead, and I am very pleased with how my skill as a blues lead is improving. Hopefully Neal/Matt is impressed.

...This is all of the dream that I can remember.

In the real world, last night was the Bright Eyes concert. The crowd was fairly chill (all of the pot probably helped), but there were the usual collection of douchebags, like the people shoving rudely through the crowd to get to the front, several hours after the rest of us have been patiently standing there in our nice spots, and the really drunk guy who kept shouting, "END THE LIBYAN WAR!" and "END THE WAR OF OPPRESSION!" Like, okay dude, I sympathize, I do, but I stop caring about wars and oppression somewhere around the fiftieth time you shout that out, in between sets at a rock concert of all places, seriously, that is not appropriate, if you want to reach out to people about this issue you care about, go stand on a street corner in City Center with some fliers and shake some hands. ...He calmed down eventually, though, and was mostly harmless and largely hilarious, with the way he kept holding his empty beer cup up to his ear.

Anyway. Opening band was Titus Andronicus from New Jersey. They were... okay. They had a few songs that were pretty good. They had some pretty excellent guitar shredding. Their tendency towards screaming out profanity was hilarious. But mostly they were kind of meh. Bright Eyes had the longest set list in the history of ever, and it was pretty excellent. Among other fine things: they did "Four Winds" almost right off the bat, "No One Would Riot For Less" and "Poison Oak" were gorgeous, "Hot Knives" was EPIC, and the last song of the set was "The Calendar Hung Itself", which is pretty badass live. And then they had the longest encore in the history of encores, during which they did "Lover I Don't Have To Love", which is my FAVORITE song, and I hadn't dared to hope for it, so I went into ecstasies there. Conor is kind of adorable... his headbanging sent his hair into this fluffed out mess. Towards the end they did a sort of introduce-the-band love fest, and as he introduced his band he would use adjectives such as "sexy" or "highly attractive", and he would say things like "holla" and he kept swearing, "motherfucker", and "God dammit!" about ten times. And oh my god, the stage gay. Besides the above verbal adulation, there were shoulder rubs and cuddling, and Patrick from Titus came out for one song and he and Conner shared a mike, and Patrick had a vice grip on the back of Conner's neck and they looked like they were this close to making out. Which would've been awkward because Patrick's beard, ohmigod.

But anyway, it was a good time, and then we came home and had stew and watched Planet Earth and I typed up a bunch of my fic notes and eventually we passed out.

Next weekend: San Francisco! platoapproved! Patrick Stump! My brother and sister-in-law at some point probably! :D
Tags: bright eyes, concert, dream, h50, matt bomer, music, planet earth, television, white collar
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