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...This dream, I don't even know, guys. *shrug* ...CONCERT!

So I'm in San Jose, California this weekend. Hanging out with platoapproved and suzume_tori, yay! Going to the Patrick Stump concert, yay! Hanging out with my brother and his fiàncée/wife Nova (it's complicated) and meeting Nova's bridesmaids and going to her wedding dress fitting and going to REI with my brother to get my feet fitted for my birthday present, yay!

So look_alive and I drove all day and got in last night, and we went to Mini Gourmet, the 24-hour diner of fantabulousness with platoapproved and suzume_tori, and I did some dramatic read-alouds and then we went to bed on platoapproved's floor.

I dreamed about trying to go to the concert and there was some fuck up with the tickets, the name on the front of the ticket was not mine and the name on the back of the ticket was not only not mine but not the same as the name on the front of the ticket, and I was not the only person having this problem, and the ticket person was looking at me all dubious-like, and I was like, "Look, I bought my tickets months ago, clearly it is not my fault, clearly this is a problem everyone is having, something got fucked up with the tickets, can you just LET US IN?!"

The dream moved on, some unrelated things happened that I can't remember properly/can't make sense of, and then it was a weird Hawaii Five-0 dream. It was someone's birthday, whose kept changing, it started out Danny's and then at some point it was Grace's. (Maybe it was both? Maybe they have the same birthday, or their birthdays are close together?) Danny went to pick Grace up from somewhere where she was hanging out with a bunch of other kids and this family friend of theirs who owned a restaurant, and they sang happy birthday to Danny, and he was all distracted because A CRISIS WAS HAPPENING. Before Danny went to deal with the CRISIS he talked to the restaurant owner about whether his restaurant was free to have a birthday party for Grace, and the dude said something about how he'd check on his supplies and let Danny know, but this was a lie... I can't remember if something shady was going on, or if someone had already made plans for a birthday party for Danny there.

Back home (my house in Hilo) it was raining and the roof was leaking and this was somehow sinister, and Danny was trying to handle this and handle the fact that he had to run off and handle a CRISIS and handle the fact that he needed to plan Grace's birthday party and handle the fact that he needed to make sure she finished her math homework first (Rachel was standing by, reminding him of all of this) and the kid next door called up and was like, "Hey, I've finished the problem sets, we could both go over to Maile's house and quiz each other," and I (apparently for a brief time I was Grace) was like, "I haven't even done the problem sets yet!"

Danny eventually had to drop everything and go handle the CRISIS with the rest of the team... which turned out to be investigating these ruins of an ancient city, trying to figure out how the city had been destroyed. They found these vents with a whole bunch of dead mosquitoes littered about, and they were like, "Someone pumped a plague of mosquitoes into the city and everyone died!" and then they found a whole bunch of cloves scattered about another vent and they were like, "But wait, cloves can be used as mosquito repellent!" which disproved the mosquito theory... somehow. And then Chin started having a horrible asthma attack (as he does) and he couldn't breathe and blood was coming out of his nose and someone was like, "Wait! Mosquito bites are an ancient treatment for asthma!" (as it is) so we (I don't know whose POV I was in at this point, maybe Kono's) lowered Chin into this trough of water and he tried not to drown in blood and dirty water and the mosquitoes came and swarmed all over him and then I woke up.

...Even in my dream I noticed that Grace's child actress was very much lacking in acting skills, and as usual it made me sad.
Tags: concert, dream, epic adventuring, epic roadtrip, family, fear the wild jungle of my brain, h50, i love my awesome friends, i love my awesome life, music, patrick stump
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