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In case anyone noticed that my internet presence has diminished recently, be not afraid... I'm not going anywhere, I don't hate you, none of that. It's just that I'm moving out of my apartment. ON SATURDAY. And getting on a plane and flying back to Hawaii for the foreseeable future. And so I am VERY VERY BUSY OH MY GOD packing and selling and shipping and freaking out, etc.

Things should be back to normal soon. I may even start writing again, if I can nail myself to some kind of schedule (unstructured time is extremely detrimental to my productivity).

So that's it. I don't have time to chat, so I won't tell you about last weekend's epic Oregon desert adventure and belly-crawling through caves and Big Hole and Hole-in-the-Ground and Crack in the Ground and Fort Rock and Summer Lake and Paisley and many exciting wildlifes and Bend and delicious delicious Easter brunch at McKay Cottage Restaurant. I'm also not going to tell you how hilarious I find it that the creators of The Vampire Diaries clearly listen exclusively to my iTunes (Patrick Stump now, I ask you, as if all of the Metric and Placebo AND SO ON AND SO ON weren't enough).

I will tell you that you should check out Pioneer One, because it's a neat little project and also awesome science fiction. The project is kind of an experiment in the vein of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It's an independently-produced serial funded entirely by viewer donations, licensed under Creative Commons, and distributed by BitTorrent. The first three episodes are available for download or streaming; I devoured them ravenously while shoving clothes into boxes yesterday, and I now eagerly await episode four, which comes out tomorrow.

Plot summary: "A mysterious spaceship has entered Earth's atmosphere. A US Department of Homeland Security investigation has uncovered a live human being in a Soviet space suit in an unstable condition. A note in Russian, found at the crash site, claims the man is the child of cosmonauts living at a base on Mars."

Check it out, yo. Support the future of entertainment, and enjoy what is actually a pretty awesome show.
Tags: epic adventuring, epic roadtrip, internets, living in the land of port, music, patrick stump, pioneer one, psa, science fiction: it's what i do, television, vampire diaries, win the future
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