Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

This cot is surprisingly comfortable.

...So I just had a dream that I was Selina Kyle. I was at a fancy party, and I blew up some stuff and ran off in the confusion. For some reason there were Joker masks involved. And Poison Ivy. I don't remember stealing anything from the party itself... I think maybe the whole thing was a massive distraction from something else? ...Dunno. I was still escaping when I woke up. It's hard to vault over moving automobiles in stilettos and a sheath dress.

Before that I was volunteering at the Panaewa Zoo. Or some hybrid of the zoo and Aloha Veterinary Center. My job mostly involved keeping certain animals company, handling them and getting them used to interacting with humans.

Spent most of yesterday lounging around in a tank top and shorts, watching eps from season 9 and 10 of Top Gear with Adam. Life is good.
Tags: batman, dream, television, top gear
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