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I would like to exchange this brain for a new one.

Tried to wake up an hour ago. Instead had dreams about crushing baby rats to death with a block of wood and struggling to get home through the most ridiculous entanglement of air travel arrangements EVER. (Having done the Portland to L.A. to Honolulu bit on American Airlines, I inquire with an agent about the gate for my next flight to Hilo–American flies inter-island now, apparently? Lady makes a Face, tells me she'll ask the flight attendants to hold the doors as long as they can; apparently my flight leaves within minutes from an airstrip halfway across town. Which I've got no way of getting to. Or she can arrange for me to take a later flight... one that involves a thirty hour layover so I can take a flight to Chicago and then a direct flight to Hilo from there. WHAT EVEN.)


Mind you, those rats were creepy and gross and bitey and deserved to die. You should've seen their weirdo, blank, glassy, pale green eyes. Bleh.
Tags: dream, fear the wild jungle of my brain
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