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Watching television with my dad.

So there's this show on MTV called "Silent Library". It's a riff off of Japanese game shows, and it is unexpectedly hilarious, painful, and endearing. The idea is six friends compete together, they draw cards each round to see who has to undergo the surprise challenge. If the victim completes the challenge and the whole group avoids making too much noise (we're in a library, see, you have to be quiet), they win the money for that round, starting at $300 and going up. It's endearing because it's really cute to watch a group of bros, and then a group of WWE wrestlers, giggling and shushing each other and making sympathetic heart hands at each other. It's painful because oh my god some of the challenges. Some of them are just silly, like holding a pizza while your friends shoot the toppings at you with air guns, but then some are gross, like sitting in a nest and being fed a foul-tasting liquid by somebody dressed as a bird, or drinking a baby bottle full of fish water in twenty seconds, or eating a cookie made with coffee grounds and toothpaste in twenty seconds, and some are painful, like getting your hands slammed in a copy machine or having to sit at the end of a factory conveyor belt that drops cans on your junk or getting your nipples clamped and pulled by one of those automated horse races.


Later we were channel surfing, and there was some ghost show... on Animal Planet, I ask you, what even. Remember when television made sense? There was history on the History Channel, and the Animal Planet had animals. NOT GHOSTS. ...Anyway, this house had a wraith in it, and this team went in to BATTLE THE WRAITH, and they were burning sage and lighting saint candles and using holy water... and I was having a really hard time not giggling. look_alive, I think you know why. ♥
Tags: lulz, spam, television, wtf
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