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Recs for fun and profit.

Hahahahaha, sleep, what is that? At least I didn't watch that Doctor Who ep again. Instead, recs!

1. Everybody read Crime and Medicine by eleveninches. I am seriously in love with this person's brain; I am amazed and baffled as to how the hell they thought this up. This is just absolutely the most brilliant sequel to Inception; the author expands the universe in the most incredibly natural way, except for how all the important bits are incredibly surprising and unexpected and unique. I admit I fumbled around in confusion at the beginning until I figured out what was going on, but then it was just this delightful ride of suspense and danger and the most gigantic, nerdiest pile of nerd references ever collected in one place. It makes me so happy, seriously, just read it.

look_alive, I kind of want to read it to you.

2. I give you this song. Um, idek, it came on the radio as I was driving back down the coast from Honoka‘a, and I NEEDED IT FOR MY LIFE. California reggae, what even. I think perhaps there's too much reggae in the air in Hawai‘i, if you're not careful you breathe it in and it infects your brain. I have no idea what exactly it is about this song that I like, but I do like it. It makes me happy. *shrug* Perhaps it's just that it's exactly what I needed to be listening to, alone in the cab of a dented purple pick-up truck, driving down the highway in the dark on a warm, clear, fragrant night in Hawai‘i.

In other news, my shoulder hurts. D: Stupid tetanus shot.
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