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Waiting for a download to finish. I should be going to sleep.

...Well, this is as good a time as any to be making a post.

So that folk dancing party I went to. It was lovely. Like I said, good food, good people, live music. And dancing! Smiles and laughter. Sampled some of Lon's homegrown homemade chocolate. Good stuff.

Also a bunch of us took an excursion up to Chris and Julianna's place. Chris and Julianna are this lovely young artist couple–Chris is a woodworker, Julianna paints–who live on Lon and Carol's property and, apparently, collect animals. When I met them in November, they had cats, a VERY HAPPY dog named Jeeves, a bunch of chickens, a garden, and a greenhouse full of tomatoes. When I met them again in January, they'd acquired a pair of baby goats. Now, the kids have grown up, and there's also a little sweet-faced donkey named Aster, and a big black cow with three calves, and a pair of Jackson's chameleons, and a flock of ducks, and pheasant chicks, and quail chicks, and a horse.

...Let me tell you about this horse. So Lon and Carol had this horrible sketchy neighbor who was always driving home drunk and getting stuck on their rocks, and he moved away, leaving a dog and a horse behind, and when his caretaker had to leave he told his caretaker to leave the animals to die. Instead the caretaker came to Chris and Julianna. They gave the dog to some friends who love dogs, and they kept the horse. Her name is Grace and she is skin and bones and her coat is bad and her digestion is bad and she is lovely. She's this tiny little roan thing and despite everything she's been through she is so sweet, she is so friendly, she has this amazing temperament and good spirits, and when she's healthy again she is going to be fantastic.

Fuck you very much for leaving her to die, you motherfucker.

Anyway, hanging with the animals is so much fun. They all love people and they get along with each other so well, it's totally adorable. My Dad and I walked down to the bottom of the lot to see the chickens and the garden and the greenhouse and the avocado trees, and the two goats and Aster and Jeeves came with us, and they're all playing together and chasing each other around, and then the cat that was down there poking about joined up with us and joined in the playing, and Grace wanted to play with everyone too but she was in her paddock. Aster's clearly friendly but very shy; if you look right at her she shies away, but she followed on my heels and I stopped once and she put her nose in my hand where I was holding it behind my back. Even the chickens and the ducks will follow you around, and the cow sniffed at my hand but tossed her head in disgust when I didn't have any food for her. I was up there for a good long while, feeding and playing with the animals, SO MUCH HAPPY ANIMAL THERAPY GUYS, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. T_T

...In other news, read this fic: History, Repeating Itself by gyzym. It's a multichapter Sherlock Holmes fic (as in, the RDJ and Jude Law movie), an AU where Holmes and Watson are grad students in America and roommates, and it is fucking BRILLIANT. Like, some of you are aware of Jizzy's genius, but this is phenomenal even for her. The best thing I can think of to compare it to is the show Luther. You're reading it and it's awesome, omg so awesome, so very fucking awesome and then HOLY SHIT WHAT IS HAPPENING OHMIGOD AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!! Like that. There's part of a sequel, too, Valley Winter Song, but she posted that almost a year ago and hasn't yet posted the rest, so read that at your own risk.

That is all.
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