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Curse words and hormones, courtesy of Jason Todd

Oh my god. So I just caught up with Batman and Robin, and I cannot even describe to you the immensity of my glee. In issue 23, everyone's favorite red-headed stepchild is back, and dayum boy is fine. I have to say, Jason, the long red locks and facial hair are really working for me, for serious, never dye your hair again, babe, the ginge looks good on you. And you are a snarky bastard and hella smart and deadly as fuck and just pretty, okay, in an extremely manly sort of way, and you rock a killer smirk, and you're sitting in the prison yard reading Pride & Prejudice oh my god I fucking love you so much I can't even alskdjglakhdjsjfds.

Mad props to Guillem March and Andrei Bressan for the art in this one, although frankly neither of them should be allowed to draw children. Especially Mr. March, Jesus fuck, what have you done to Damian's face?
Tags: batfamily, batman, comics, fangirling, jason todd, love
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