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Because all my conversations with Sirona eventually become posts

LISTEN UP, FANKIDS! By which I mean the H50 flavor, the rest of you can move along. I would like to propose an official fandom secret handshake sort of thing: the HI Five-0. Allow me to demonstrate.

[bunch of fankids being joyous and celebratory]

Fankid 1: HI Five-0! \o

Fankid 2: \o *HI Five-0!*

Fankid 3: \o HI Five-Ooooooooooohhhh~!!

OR if you meet a fellow fan in real life, you must high five each other and say, "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH~!!" Because, because, HI is the postal abbreviation for Hawaii, see it's a pun hurr hurr....

OR I could shoot myself in the face and save you all the trouble.

Yes, I am the dorkiest dork in the history of dorking, thanks for asking. I STILL THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA, LET'S ALL DO IT. SPREAD THE WORD.

In other news, I finally, finally got one of my packages today. You know, one of the packages containing most of my worldly belongings, that I bequeathed to the parcel post in Portland, Oregon, A MONTH AGO. I had to go pick it up at the post office, because they left a Failed Delivery slip in my mailbox yesterday... by the way, I was home all day yesterday, I remember the mail truck pulling into the drive, but I don't recall mail lady putting any effort into determining whether or not someone was home and delivering my package other than tapping the horn once and driving away really quickly, but that's a whole other thing. Anyway YAAAAAAAAAAAY one or more of my packages, right, so I go down to the post office and pick up... a poster tube. A SINGLE POSTER TUBE. It couldn't have been my dance shoes, skirts, and pants, no, or my hiking boots, or any of my boxes of comics or books, no, A POSTER TUBE. And one of, if I remember correctly, three, so I can't even get started on rearranging my décor and figuring out which paintings/posters/wall scrolls I want and which ones I don't have room for. ARGH. *headdesk*

*takes a deep breath* Parcel post was the cheapest, so it's not like I'd go back and do it differently, so long as everything gets here eventually I'll be fine. But. ARGH.
Tags: geekery, h50, i am the biggest dork, island life
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