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It's like Christmas, only I paid a lot of money to give myself all the things that I already have.

So I guess that single poster tube was merely an omen of things to come. Today a mail truck backed into my drive and offloaded a box for my mom and TWENTY FOUR boxes for me. TWENTY FOUR BOXES, including my other two poster tubes, yaaaaay! It was pretty hilarious watching the dude offload them... basically they had to set aside an entire mail truck just for me. XDDDD Unpacking all of these is going to be FUN.

In other news, just so y'all know, I'll be taking off tomorrow mid-day and away from the internet until sometime Monday, probably in the afternoon. It's Memorial Day weekend, and mom and I are hauling our backpacks to Pepeiao Cabin in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and camping out there for a couple of nights. Whoo!

Okay, now, off to do ALL THE THINGS, responsibly, LIKE AN ADULT. ...I have a feeling I will be using this icon a lot, now that I have it.
Tags: camping, hiking, holiday, i love my mom, island life
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