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Louder Than Words

Title: Louder Than Words
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: At some point Danny must have changed his mind...
Warnings: Not so much spoilers as an incredibly vague reference to Hawaii Five-0 episode 1.17.
Disclaimer: Named characters in this story are © CBS Broadcasting Inc. All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Author's Note: For the fabulous gyzym on her birthday; Jizzy, thank you for being you, you make all our lives more entertaining. Keep being amazing.

I didn't have time to do anything big, but I felt like doing something, so I set out to write a story in one hundred words; hopefully I succeeded.

Mahalo to the also fabulous sirona_gs for her invaluable assistance in making this piece somewhat comprehensible. ♥

Posted to hawaiifive_0_tv.

Louder Than Words

At some point Danny must have changed his mind because here he was, shoulder to shoulder with Steve with only the smell of grease between them.

When the sound of clanging metal mixed with, “No, you goof–this crate of spare parts you call a vehicle is probably a hopeless case, but if you don't–give me that, Caveman—” Steve wasn't fooled. He could see creases at the corners of Danny's eyes that were stand-ins for a curve of the lips.

Steve would have bitched back, but his cheeks hurt from smiling too much, so he didn't say anything at all.
Tags: birthday, fanfic, h50, writey
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