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Too Much Red

Title: Too Much Red
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Bruce, Clark; could be slash or gen.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Ummmmmmm, really vague, non-graphic references to violence and severe injury? Emotional distress? (Nothing terribly bad, really.)
Disclaimer: Characters in this story are © DC Entertainment Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment. All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.

Notes: This is a story in one hundred words written for mithen's prompt for the worlds_finest 5th birthday party: "Superman is seriously (not mortally) injured in a battle. Batman is trying very hard not to freak out about it (and failing)." This is also for mithen's birthday. Have a good one, you awesome person you. ♥

Posted to worlds_finest and batfic.

* * *

There is no one on Earth – or anywhere else, for that matter – whose physiology he is more intimately familiar with than Superman's.

His metrics tell him Superman will survive; experience tells him he will heal quickly.

But it's not just Superman lying there. It's Clark. Clark, drawn and pale even against the sheets, motionless when he should be flying, and his eyes won't open and it's more like death than like sleep—

Breathe. In, out. Meditate. Clark will live.


He's just – he's never seen – not from Clark anyway – he's never seen so much blood.
Tags: batfic, batman, birthday, dc, fanfic, superman, writey
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