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A meme! OMG!

OMG, ava_jamison tagged me to do the OMG Meme. OMG I think the rules go something like this:

-Make a list of ten things that make you say OMG.
-Tag five friends to do the meme.

1. OMG! My brother's wedding is on July 9. THE WEDDING. OF MY BROTHER. OMG.

2. This means that the entirety of both families and assorted friends is descending on Hilo. A significant percentage of the party will be staying at our house at least part of the time. On Friday night we will have TEN PEOPLE staying here, total... maybe eleven, if cousin Michael decides to join us. OMG.

3. My family's taking advantage of so many of us being around to do some archaeological exploration of our new property in the Waianae. So the weekend after the wedding I will be flying to O‘ahu and taking a week off from work to help out with the surveys. OMG, I am excite! OMG!

4. And after that some of us are flying to Kaua‘i, and mom and I will be staying at our cabin in Koke‘e that I haven't been to since I think like 2004 and hiking around for several days, EVEN MORE EXCITE OMG!

5. OMG last week as I was driving home from work I looked at my odometer and it read 111111 and the trip meter read 7777. OMG.

6. I admit I am a wee bit sad to be missing berry season in Portland, but I'm not that sad because IT IS OFFICIALLY PINEAPPLE SEASON OMG. I picked the first of our backyard crop yesterday afternoon, and it was fucking HUGE, and I cut it up while it was still warm– hot– from the afternoon sun, and the amount of juice leaking onto the cutting board and the counter and dripping from my hands and wrists was frankly obscene and I kept eating pieces as I cut and it was SO FUCKING DELICIOUS AND SWEET AND JUICY OMG. TT_TT ...The next one ought to be ripe tomorrow. *mouth waters*

7. The last couple days at work I attended the Vitousek Talks, an annual mini conservation conference held at the University of Hawaii at Hilo during the summer and hosted by Pete Vitousek, family friend and Hawaii ecology/conservation biology/environmental science Big Hat. I learned loads of really really interesting science-geeky things about the state of research in the islands and got to spend a few hours talking to my old boss Paul Banko and he gave me lots of really interesting ideas for possible graduate research projects OMG I'm so glad I went OMG.

8. OMG so that last episode of White Collar, I mean, I could talk about how fab the episode was or about Neal and Peter and how sexy they looked in tuxedos OMG, or I could talk about how PETER'S OWN WIFE said, "Prom picture!" and took a picture of the two of them together in their tuxedos with their arms around each other OMG, I don't even slash them personally but OMG OMG OMG. XD I think I laughed for about five minutes.

9. OMG these songs, I can't stop listening to them recently, OMG you should listen to them too.

10. OMG look_alive I miss you OMG. T_T

OMG, you know who should totally do this meme?


Do it. OMG. You know you want to. If you're not on the list and you want to do the meme, OMG, you totally should.
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