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Spam post... literally.

Fantastic live music three nights in a row, what a treat! ^_^ And my uncle Gary and cousin Darian are here, yaaaaaaay! They're off for two nights camping at Napau Crater tomorrow. *jealous*

Okay so mostly I wanted to share this with you, the most amazing spam comment I have ever seen. This popped up today on that H50 drabble I did some weeks back:

Subject: Have to recant total capacity
Acquired significantly happy to reveal this one web-site.Need be in thanks a ton at behalf of energy in your attraction with the pleasant impute to positively!! I positively savouring virtually [URL REDACTED] next to nothing trace from it so i partake individuals added so that you can involved with noticeable bushy-tailed possessions individuals blog post.

Tags: family, happy happy joy joy, music, spam
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