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And the posting comes in waves

So littlemissgriff happens to be on the island with her best friend, and I'm driving over to Kona tomorrow evening to hang with them, whee~! :DDD I'm fairly sure she's not an axe murderer, but if I don't return, send Batman after me.

...Actually, I probably shouldn't have said that, now she'll probably kidnap me just to get Batman to show up.

You other friends on my Flist, take note: if you come to the Big Island, I will drive to the other side of the island to see you, the actual existence of free time permitting. (I like driving. And also friends.) If that's not enough incentive, I don't know what is.

Let's just presume any jokes about it being a deterrent as already made, shall we?

...Of course, Flist, you really should just come to the Hilo side, it's better. I'm there. Or at least to the National Park. I mean, volcanoes. We have them. ...We don't need to have this conversation again, do we?
Tags: friends, hawaii, island life, oh shit the internet is here
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