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Re: Last week's Heroes ARGH!FLAIL

So it turns out it wasn't Peter, praise Zolac. Apparently that other guy in profile, sans glasses, in strange light, with his hair standing up, looks a lot like him.


...In other news, my icon reminds me that I had a Metanoia dream last night. A REALLY WEIRD ONE. Riverside HQ was like, this old creepy mansion, Jane looked like a man, I was hanging with Edward... or what was supposed to be Edward, I mean, he was black, but he was bald like he was a few years ago, he was old, he had a beard, and he had pointy ears. Edward was apparently appointed Star's special guardian, and he told me a secret that no one else knew... Star was 1/4 angel, and 3/4 demon! And he needed my help, because Star had turned into a winged demon and was flying around outside, and we needed to get him to change back into human form, and only I could do it, because apparently I had some sort of special connection with Star. And we had to do it before any of the other guys found out. And I felt really guilty going behind Zan's back, but I went out anyway. It was really windy outside and Star was flying around and I was shouting "DENNIS! DENNIS! COME DOWN, DENNIS!"... because apparently his name was also 'Dennis', wtf. And he turned into a woolly bear caterpillar (like Fuzzy, remember Fuzzy?) and he landed in a tree, and I was trying to talk him back into being human and/or get my hands on him, but the wind was blowing the branches around something fierce, and I was also afraid he was going to bite me. Eventually he fell out of the tree and I picked him up and he crawled around on my hand. I was still afraid he was going to bite me, but I pleaded with him while gazing into his soulful caterpillar eyes. ...Seriously, he was bordering on being shojo!caterpillar. Eventually he changed back into a human, but he was severely weakened, so we threw our arms around each other's shoulders in a comradely manner, and I helped him back to the house.

...I am now remembering that before this, I was dreaming that Jesse sent me a folder full of Metanoia art, and in the back pocket was a DVD with really awesome extras... a video that was an unreleased chapter that was illustrated with a series of full-color stills of awesome Rah art, and another video that was another unreleased chapter, that was live-action, filmed in black-and-white. Dar and I were watching these together. ...I think the first video involved Lexi having wings as well... I think I got sucked into the above dream from that point.


...Lawl, should I crosspost this to riverside_hq? XDD;;;
Tags: dream, heroes, jesse hajicek, metanoia, thank zolac
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