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Spoilers, a bit, but somehow I think the only people who will care have already seen it.

Okay so I just got caught up on the first four episodes of Red vs. Blue: Season 9, and OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGAAAAAAAAAWD!!!

- Monty, will you marry me?


- South is my new favorite.

- North is kind of adorable.

- That pilot!

- Fuck yes for the badass awesome female characters in this show.

- Hahaha, Rambo!Donut what? XD

THIS SEASON. IS GOING TO BE FUCKING AMAZING. AMAZINGER. THAN IT ALREADY IS. I mean, just... two episodes in and asdfkja;lkhsfjkhaksljfksds. ...Monty, I'm serious. Marry me.
Tags: fangirling, flailflailflail, love, red vs blue, television
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