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I have returned alive and well from the wilds of Kahuku (I didn't even get mauled by a pack of feral dogs! :D) and am back home, albeit briefly. I desperately want to go into paragraphs and paragraphs of endless detail about things that most of you won't understand at all and the rest of you very little, but it's ass-crack o'clock and I am exhausted, so I am afraid I must resist. Suffice it to say, I had LOADS of fun wandering around in the absolutely gorgeous and almost-pristine forests of Mauka and East Kahuku, and I saw some incredibly rare and endangered plants (Clermontia! Cyanea! Renunculus! Ka‘u silversword!), and I explored unexplored areas and discovered undiscovered hoawa and alani and mints, and I had some nice i‘o and i‘iwi and nene sightings and I ate about twice my weight in delicious delicious ‘ohelo and white strawberries.

So anyway, tomorrow evening after work I'm off again. I'll be at Palehua on O‘ahu through Tuesday, helping my family survey the archaeological sites on our property. After that it's off to Kaua‘i until Sunday for hiking and other fun and shenanigans. Neither Palehua nor my grandmother's house on Tantalus has internet, and our cabin in Koke‘e on Kaua‘i doesn't even have electricity, so. I may be out of touch most of the time. I may occasionally be on the internet via the magic of Droid, but this will depend on cell signal and the ability to charge my phone. And the prerequisite that I am not doing something hella more fun than staring at a tiny, glowing screen. So don't expect much.

Sooooo... yeah. Be good, kids, don't burn down the internet while I'm gone.
Tags: epic adventuring, family, hawaii, island life, job
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