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I need a dancing icon. ...Ballet doesn't count.

Chris and Campbell are gone. *sigh* They'll be on Maui by now. ...I think I'm experiencing withdrawal. It feels weird to miss people you've only known for a few days, but there you go. (If I'm honest, I miss Chris more than Campbell; not that I don't love Campbell– I do, she's fabulous– but Chris is my Texas clone. Even if he doesn't like coconut. Or mushrooms. Weird.) This isn't the first time this has happened, though; both times Andrew Sutton visited when I was here, there seemed to be a hole in my life when he left a few days later.

How does the Swing/Blues scene churn out such amazing, wonderful, awesome people? And why don't more of them live in Hilo? (Not that I don't love our awesome Hilo scenesters, but. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE AWESOME.)

Although... when we were out to dinner last night at Café Pesto (still my very favorite, Café Pesto you are the restaurant of my heeeeaaarrrttt!), Chris and Campbell started asking us pointed questions about Hilo real estate prices, and then admitted they were maybe sort of a little bit kind of seriously thinking about getting a house out here. At which point Mom and I were like, YES PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS, WE THINK THAT WOULD BE A REALLY REALLY GOOD IDEA, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO FOR IT! :DDD

For serious, how awesome would it be if we could dance with them/hang out with them all the time? DO WANT.
Tags: blues, dance, the party's over now i guess, we love visitors
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