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Spam. Because. ...Spam.

That UK thing has totally harshed my mellow, but... life goes on, I guess.

Finally succumbed to morbid curiosity and rented "The Night Marchers" on YouTube. Oh my god that movie is so fucking stupid I can't even. *facepalm* I would say something about the quality of the acting, but really everything pales in comparison to the abysmal script. Like... not so much poor writing as MOST OF THE SENTENCES THAT COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE. They badly need an editor, but this is me not volunteering; if I had to edit that script I would probably cry. And then there's the extreme shaky-cam and poor lighting and poor audio and special effects, and... okay, I get that this is a low-budget local production, but fucking-a, man, my friends and I made a better horror movie in 9th grade. (look_alive and anyone else who knows what I'm talking about, this should give you an idea of exactly how bad this movie was.)

...In other news, first breadfruit of the season! ^_^ ...Well, technically this is the second breadfruit of the season, I found the first breadfruit flattened like a pancake in amongst the banana grove, but.

Breadfruit! ♥
Tags: food, island life, movie, oh god why
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