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Oh my god I'm sorry for the spam but I'm trying to save the world here.

Or rock and roll, close enough.


So, a lovely little band called Portugal. The Man played at Lollapalooza last night, and all of their shit got jacked. ALL OF IT. Trailer, van, all of their gear, everything. They are heartbroken and freaking out.

A couple of my friends have started a Twitter campaign to try and help them recover their stuff; visit look_alive's LJ post HERE for the list of the equipment including serial numbers, description of the van, incentives, information about the band, etc. If you've got a Twitter, re-Tweet like the devil. If you're on other social media, repost repost repost! If you want to be really proactive they've put together Gdoc spreadsheets of area pawn shops so you can claim shops, call them, and ask if they have an email address you could send the equipment lists and serial numbers to. Or you can canvass local Craigslist or eBay postings for matching items.

A lot of people have jumped on board with this, including The Mountain Goats and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship, but every little bit helps, so get out there and BOOST THAT SIGNAL!
Tags: argh, every post is repost repost, music, saving the world yo, spam
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